Our 10 Baby Steps towards Radical Homemaking in 2019

  1. Tialyn says:

    So inspiring! You have me over here making a list off your list! I just love that you are blogging all this! It truly is inspiring and brings awareness to how I can do better! So excited to follow along with you!

    • Tia, you are a gem and make me feel like a rockstar when I’m just a noob. But I appreciate it all SO MUCH! We’re starting as complete newbies, and I kinda wish I could see someone else on this same journey starting as newbies (most we find have been at this a while and didn’t share their start up journey). So we’re hoping that maybe having this start up journey will help others too! And I love knowing that it’s helping you! That gives me so much motivation to keep blogging and instagramming this part of our lives!

  2. Diedre says:

    Someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) I would like to try to move to a more self sufficient lifestyle like this. I don’t quite feel ready to jump in quite you guys have, but I’m excited to watch your journey so that I’ve got plenty of info stored away for my turn comes.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love these tips and how intentional you are being with so many areas of your life!! You inspire me!

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