That one time in College I thought I was going to die in the Automatic Car Wash

  1. Carolyn says:

    Bahahahahahaha I’d love to hear about it from the point of view of the guy behind you

  2. Mahlia says:

    HAHAHAHA this is the best. I am so glad you shared this!!!

  3. Kristi Rex says:

    OMG this is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing this amazing story, it definitely made my day!!

  4. Misty says:

    OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m dying!!!! This is the funniest thing ever. I can’t wait to read more! 🙂

  5. I’m DYING!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has crazy stories 😉

  6. OMG this is the best thing I’ve read all week. 😂😂😂😂

  7. Oh no!! haha scary!

  8. Lorraine says:

    Haha! I am glad I am not the only one who has been tempted to roll down the windows in the car wash. After hearing your story I will never give into my temptation.

  9. Terry says:

    Best laugh I’ve had in a long time. Barely remember a time in my life where I had so many tears running down my face from laughing so hard!

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