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John and Maya’s sunflower wedding day started early on a smoke filled morning in the Gila Valley. The sun was just a red ball through the smoke from the California fires. It kept the temperatures lower, which is never a complaint in southern Arizona! The day started early for us at Maya’s home where she […]

John and Maya’s Sunflower Wedding

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Bridal Details vary at every single wedding. They are a way to pull in meaning, personality, and style. But what should you have on hand? I’ll go through possible ideas and then at the bottom you can find an easy list of common bridal details you might consider for your wedding day! TIP! Have these […]

Bridal Details: A List for your Wedding Day

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So many times we talk about why wedding details should matter to the bride and groom. Did you know that these photos of the wedding details for vendors and creatives are incredibly important as well? When it comes to your wedding, you’re going to put a lot of time and energy into choosing your vendors […]

Wedding Details for Vendors and Creatives

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Instead of just diving into wedding details, let me tell a story quickly two ways, and you tell me which way is more interesting: Story 1 Goldilocks went to a house. She ate porridge. Then she broke a chair. Next she slept on a bed. Finally the bears came home and she was scared and […]

Why You Want Photographs of your Wedding Details

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Shooting Payson family photos in monsoon season is always a gamble. Mikaela and I were watching the radar closely. We sent Marco Polos back and forth while she curled her hair, wondering if we were going to be able to actually shoot that evening. Thankfully the rain lifted in town and once we actually got […]

Payson Family Photos: Dallin & Mikaela

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Every session I want to say, “This session was so special!!” But it’s true! Each one is!! This Mount Graham Engagement Session was special in many ways! Steve and Yesenia were my first couple to officially book for 2020. Yesenia messaged me months before I reopened to see about the possibility of having me shoot […]

Mount Graham Engagement Session: Steve and Yesenia

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This session had been on my bucket list for years. Finally, during my business break in 2019, I knew it was finally time to do a personal photo project and get a couple out in the Prickly Pear Blossoms!

Payson AZ Couple’s Photos: Eric & Liesl