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You are awesome! You’ve worked through a lot of data and ideas to get through to what you value and what you want to focus on. You’ve got your SWOT Analysis, Values & Goals, and Financial Analysis. It’s almost time to put them all together.  I have one last final baby assignment for you. A business plan doesn’t […]

Writing a Business Plan, Part 4: Quarterly Reviews

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So you have your SWOT Analysis and your Values & Goals for your Business Plan, it’s time to get those finances planned out!  Financial History First, let’s pull in what you’ve made in past 2 years if you’ve been in business already or have been doing this as a hobby.  List out the year, the gross dollar amount […]

Writing a Business Plan, Part 3: Finances

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Hooray! You made it to Day 2 Of Writing a Business Plan! How did your SWOT Analysis go?! Now that you have that done, it’s time to line out the goals and values for yourself and of your business. We all get why goals are important, but why line out values? Values help us stay […]

Writing a Business Plan, Part 2: Values and Goals

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Today I’m starting you on the process of getting your own business plan written, and of course we start at the foundation: your SWOT Analysis! If you are anything like me, the idea of writing a business plan WAYYY stressed me out. I put if off for a long time and only finally got it […]

Writing a Business Plan, Part 1: SWOT Analysis

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When I started second shooting for people, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I tried to stay out of the way, but sometimes ended up in their way. Sometimes I wasn’t involved enough, other times too involved. I had no idea really what was expected of a Second Shooter and just ran with […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Second Shooting