Gila Valley Bridal Session: Roger & Pat

  1. Les & Sharon Grimm says:

    They are the most charming couple I’ve ever seen in all my life! Patty looks like a beautiful movie star out of the 1940’s and Roger has his good looks to go along. Everything was perfect, including the photographer, who now may embark on a new career. To follow this couple through their lives will be a blessing. The Heavenly Father has brought Pat & Roger together, forever. True Love!

  2. Asenath Gail Stauffer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the portfolio of beautiful pictures of Patty and Roger. As the bride’s grandmother, your photographs made me feel like I was there sharing this joyous occasion with them. Patty has always taken gorgeous pictures since she was a baby, and your wedding and engagement pictures have done a beautiful job capturing her so in love with Roger. Keep up with your photography, you have a true talent.

    • Marquette Mower says:

      Helping you feel like you were there is exactly why I do this! I’m so glad I could give you a sliver of their joy!

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