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This is the place where I get to share photos from sessions with amazing people, like you, tips for a smooth wedding, our family "Wilderness Mowers" adventures in frugal living and exploring where we live, and plenty of fun and real life. Start scrolling or click a category on the side to dive in!

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For previous installments of Our Story, click here! The next day was Sunday and Marquette had church in Albuquerque at the Singles Ward and Cameron unfortunately had to work that day. But the Mowers had previously been invited over to Uncle Roger’s house for dinner, so they knew they’d see each other then. Marquette went […]

Our Story, Part 6: A Rainy Night

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For previous installments of Our Story, click here! The morning of July 4th dawned bright and Marquette woke up with the sweetest feeling of peace and love. All the knots in her stomach were gone and the doubts had been erased. She knew God had his hand in what was happening and she knew Cameron […]

Our Story, Part 7: July 4th and August 9th

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Living in the forest in the Southwest, fire emergency is always a worry snd having an evacuation prep list takes a lot fo the worry and chaos off my mind. Especially in the heat of the early summer before the monsoon rains have come. And that’s exactly where we are right now. To boot, there […]

Evacuation Prep List for a Family

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Each of our babies has made their splash into the world with their own unique entrance into life. Molly was no different, and we’re grateful to have her here and for the little miracles that kept her safe!

Molly’s Birth Story

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Once Cameron graduated, we set out to find our new “Big Kid with a Real Adult Job” rental after he got his first job. We ended up moving from a large 3 bedroom home on a ranch to a 1 bedroom home for a family of soon to be four. And boy was it a learning experience!

Lessons from the One Bedroom Wonder

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Picking blackberries at the end of summer is becoming one of our family traditions here, and this year was one for the books!

Picking Blackberries

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There’s not point to documenting a journey if the starting point isn’t set out. So this is what we’re doing here, in all it’s good and not so good.

Where We’re Starting From